Always Shady Lawn Mower Umbrella System

Always Shady Umbrella Systems SPF 50+   

The Lawn Mower Umbrella kit is designed to keep you in the shade while you mow! The kit comes with all the parts you need (except for a lawn mower and a screwdriver). But grab those two things along with the Lawn Mower Umbrella Kit by Always Shady and you will never have to mow in the sun again.

This Lawn Mower Umbrella System comes standard with a 1.5-inch ball mount, with a 2.5-inch, 3-hole base that can be attached anywhere flat on the lawn mower. It is great to use during the long summer months when there is little shade while you're outside. 

Read more about our Lawn Mowing Umbrella Kit here. 

How To Use In Strong Winds

Our umbrellas are designed to invert instead of breaking in the event of a really strong wind gust. If while you’re using the umbrella there is a strong wind gust and the umbrella inverts, it is best to wait on a lull in the wind. Then turn around while facing the wind, pull back and let the wind help force the umbrella back to its normal shape. Do not force or pull the umbrella back while the wind is still blowing or it may result in the umbrella breaking.

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