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Always Shady Umbrella Systems SPF 50+  

The Always Shady Canoe Umbrella Kit is designed for keeping you shaded while you fish in your canoe. We created it out of a need for staying shaded while fishing in the Florida flats. 

The Canoe Umbrella is shade is made of a durable, dual-layer fabric which helps keep the sun blocked (as strong as sunscreen!) The pole is built with an umbrella arm has a pivot arm which attaches the Canoe Umbrella to the canoe. The Umbrella Kit comes with a standard 1.5-inch ball mount, with a 2.5-inch, 3-hole base so you can attach it not only to the edge of your canoe but to any flat surface! 

It's simple to adjust the Umbrella while you're out fishing in your canoe as well. All you need to do is loosen the lever, move the umbrella to block the sun, and tighten the lever again. Then it's back to fishing with minimal time spent adjusting for sun. Find out more about our Canoe Umbrella here

How To Use In Strong Winds

Our umbrellas are designed to invert instead of breaking in the event of a really strong wind gust. If while you’re using the umbrella there is a strong wind gust and the umbrella inverts, it is best to wait on a lull in the wind. Then turn around while facing the wind, pull back and let the wind help force the umbrella back to its normal shape. Do not force or pull the umbrella back while the wind is still blowing or it may result in the umbrella breaking.

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