The Always Shady Umbrella For Lawn Mowers

The #1 Umbrella for Lawn Mowers

The Always Shady Lawn Mower Umbrella is designed to keep you shaded all day long while you mow your lawn. It's not often you mow your grass in the rain, so most likely you will get burned to a crisp if you aren't careful. With our Multi-Use Umbrella, you are able to attach it to any flat surface on your mower, jump on, and mow!

Patent-Protected* Adjustable Ball Joint

The patent-protected* ball joint makes it simple for you to adjust the angle of the umbrella (not while you mow, of course). That way you can stay in the sun while riding in circles mowing. The large 68" (Over 5.5 Feet!) shade also covers enough area so that you can never leave the cool shade. Lawn mowing has never been so pleasant!

Always Shady Umbrellas on Florida Insider Fishing Report Capt. Rick Murphy

Capt. Rick Murphy showcases our Always Shady boating umbrella on his show: Chevy Florida Insider Fishing Report. Watch the clip here. (Minute 2:45 is Always Shady).


How To Use The Multi-Use Umbrella

The Always Shady Multi-Use Umbrella is great for attaching to your lawn mower and staying in the shade. Read more about it over here on our blog! With an SPF rating of 50+, the Always Shady Umbrella will keep you not only shaded from the sun but protected during the summertime when you mow your lawn. Combine the SPF rating with the size (68" wide) the amount of shade over the mower is enough to keep you shaded all day long. 

Need Some Help?

We've got some downloadable instructions for how to use the Always Shady Umbrella. Download it here.

Multi-Use Umbrella Directions

PDF download of the Always Shady Boat Umbrella

*The Always Shady Umbrella System is protected under U.S. Patent No. 9,615,636