How To Use

How To Use

Simply loosen the lever on the adjustable arm and position it over the ball mount (spring end down), then place the umbrella ball into the opposite end of the adjusting arm and tighten the lever. This adjustable arm allows the umbrella to be positioned at virtually any angle and direction. To adjust the umbrella for maximum coverage, just loosen the lever on the adjustable arm, point the umbrella at the sun, and then securely tighten the lever to hold it in place—that’s all there is to it! 

When your umbrella is not in use, simply loosen the lever on the adjustable arm and remove both the umbrella and arm for storage. The boat seat bracket is designed to stay mounted to the seat—but completely out of your way.

Our umbrellas are designed to invert instead of breaking in the event of a really strong wind gust. If while you’re using the umbrella there is a strong wind gust and the umbrella inverts, it is best to wait on a lull in the wind. Then turn around while facing the wind, pull back and let the wind help force the umbrella back to its normal shape. Do not force or pull the umbrella back while the wind is still blowing or it may result in the umbrella breaking.

Download the Assembly Instructions for Your Always Shady Umbrella

Multi Use Umbrella

Instructions for Putting the Always Shady Umbrella together

Boat Umbrella

Instructions for putting together the Always Shady Umbrella