About The Umbrella

Always Shady - The Best Umbrella Solution for All Outdoor ActivitiesOur Umbrella System includes a heavy-duty 68-inch umbrella made of special high-tech, UV-reflective fabric with an adjustable arm and mounting bracket that allows the user to position the umbrella in virtually any direction to block out the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays.

Because our Umbrella System is positioned behind the user, it stays out of the way, yet easily adjusts to keep you cool and shaded no matter the sun’s direction!

Always Shady’s custom designed aluminum boat seat bracket positions the umbrella system behind the user. Because the seat bracket fits underneath the existing boat seats and use the same standard bolt pattern, they make it a breeze to install Always Shady Umbrella Systems in most boats. Once installed, simply mount the adjusting arm and umbrella to the ball on the seat bracket and you’re ready for a day on the water – no matter how hot or sunny it is!
Kayak with an Always Shady Umbrella | The Best Umbrella Solution for Outdoor Activities