Why You Need to Mount The Always Shady Umbrella To Your Fishing Boat

November 07, 2017

Why You Need to Mount The Always Shady Umbrella To Your Fishing Boat

When heading out to go fishing in the flats this year, one of the most important changes that you can make is of protection. Fishing is a great and fun experience, but it’s very easy to find that constant beat of the sun leaving you feeling a little drained and unable to fish at your normal pace.

If you would like to get some help in getting around this problem, then we recommend that you look at mounting the Always Shady Boat Umbrella to your fishing boat this year.

Always Shady Umbrella Boat Seat HolderEasy to use and available with a special metal boat seat bracket in an easy to work with boat version, this can make sure you can have simple, safe protection from the sun. Not only will this reduce your chances of feeling dehydrated and fatigued before time, but it will make sure you can avoid excessive sun exposure after hours on the sea.

The Always Shady Boat Umbrella Creates Simplicity

Simplicity Wins the Day

When you go fishing, you have a lot to deal with and set up. Getting the right kind of bait, preparing the fishing rod and finding a good spot all take time. Each of these factors, though, are worth your time as it makes sure you can have a better fishing experience.

However, many cannot be bothered with the time-consuming experience of trying to fit an umbrella to your fishing boat. Put simply, most of these kinds of mounted umbrellas take longer to set up than they should. That's why we created the best solution for the universal, mountable umbrella

Now, you can get it fitted into place in a matter of minutes!

Adjustable Umbrella Holder

Also, it’s super-simple to adjust. Others require you to take the umbrella out to start all over again to make even the most basic changes to orientation. The Always Shady Umbrella avoids that problem, though, making sure you can easily get yourself mounted up and ready to go with the minimum of fuss.

Strong & Sturdy Umbrella Frame

Aside from the fact that it uses a 68” durable shade to keep you safe from the sun, it also uses a very strong material. This avoids it flopping around in the wind, while the balance ensures that it can easily keep itself upright when you are moving the boat around.

While other umbrellas of this kind can be prone to falling over and just in general annoying you, this strong and sturdy solution avoids that. Now, you can enjoy a much more simplistic management experience, keeping your fishing protection so much easier to manage.

Adjustable using a simple lever and with a bracket to help make sure that your umbrella can latch on with any typical boat seat, this is a pretty reliable and universal option.

Always Shady Umbrella for Boats

So, next time you want to avoid protection from the sun due to time-consuming set-ups, start with the simple solution of Always Shady Umbrella Systems.

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