The Umbrella Holder Made Special for Your Boat, Kayak, Jon Boat, and More

October 17, 2017

The Umbrella Holder Made Special for Your Boat, Kayak, Jon Boat, and More

When it comes to dealing with any kind of fishing or boat trip, something many of us forget about is protection. Do you ever wonder why you seem to go through way more water than you might expect when on a boat trip? 

It’s because of the sun beating down on you. That constant interaction with the heat as well as the fact you are constrained into such a simple seating position means that an umbrella is a must. Instead of feeling the heat slowly but surely drain away all of your enthusiasm, an umbrella holder can be so useful.

The Always Shady Umbrella Holder

Always Shady Umbrella HolderMost people avoid bringing a boat umbrella because they lack a holder for it on the boat. Or, if they do, it can be very hard to find a good quality umbrella that actually fits. It’s for this reason, that we decided to design the best umbrella holder and include it with our Always Shady Multi-Use and Boat Umbrellas. The umbrella holder is easy-to-use and effective to manage, it’s (almost) hands-free once it is put into place on the boat.

Additionally, our special Boat Umbrella Holder has the option to add a boat seat bracket to your seat. This helps keep the umbrella close to you and avoid yourself from being annoyed by the elements. Easily installed with a 1.5” ball mount that is attached to an aluminum seat bracket, this helps to make sure you can get the elements off your back and enjoy your boat trip once again.

How Does This Umbrella Holder Work?

Making use of simple 5.25”, 4-hole patterned ball joint this is the ideal umbrella holder for you. It’s easy to work with, near-universal in how it interacts with the rest of the umbrella. and comes with a very impressive design making it very easy to adjust. Simply loosen the umbrella lever arm, move the umbrella to the desired spot, then tighten the lever again over the ball joint.

It takes very little time away from your fishing, it keeps everything in place with a minimum amount of fuss. 

Installation and management will be a whole lot simpler than what you're used to now and the Always Shady Umbrella Holder should keep you protected from the sun all day long. Without any real technical know-how needed other than how to unscrew and then re-fit the umbrella arm, this is an absolute must-have for anyone wanting to go fishing with freedom and shade!

Always Shady Umbrella to Stay Protected From the Sun

Keep yourself in the shade all day and don't spoil a great day of fishing because of sunstroke. Mount an Always Shady Umbrella System to your boat, kayak, canoe, lawn mower, and more so you can stay protected from the sun. 

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