#1 Lawn Mower Umbrella For Mowing In The Shade

August 14, 2017

#1 Lawn Mower Umbrella For Mowing In The Shade

When you mow the lawn, you never mow when it’s raining. Why would you? That doesn’t make sense and your mower would probably get stuck in the mud. Instead, you mow while it's sunny and bright outside. This makes it pleasant, but when it's too hot and sunny you can get burnt beat red. That’s where our Multi Use Umbrella can come in handy!

Mountable to Your Lawn Mower

Attach the Multi-Use Umbrella to your mower and stay in the shade while you mow. We heard from our brother - Glenn (pictured) that it is a fantastic addition to his mower! Because it mounts to any flat surface - you can mount it to your mower and use the patent-protected ball joint to adjust the shaded area. This way, you will be in the shade the whole time while you cut your grass.

Do you have one of our Umbrellas? Where do you mount it? Leave a comment below, we’d love to hear from you.

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