Always Shady Umbrellas Systems: A Little Bit Of Backstory

August 23, 2017

Always Shady Umbrellas Systems: A Little Bit Of Backstory

Owners, Bill & Gary Harrison, started Always Shady Umbrellas with a passion. The two brothers grew up being outside during most of their free time as kids. It was outside that they developed a true love for the outdoors and the animals outdoors. Particularly fishing. Back in the day - sunscreen wasn’t a thing and instead, being blistered and sunburned after spending time outdoors was an achievement - so no one thought anything of it.

A Little Bit About Bill Harrison

Many years later, Bill Harrison enlisted in the Navy and was headed off to Vietnam. But just before his service ended he contracted a case of strep throat which was not treated properly and turned into Rheumatic Fever. Which, when left untreated can attack a patients heart valves - and this is what happened to Bill, and he is now a 100% disabled Vietnam vet. Over the course of the next few years, he’s had multiple heart attacks and many, many surgeries to keep his heart going.

All this to say, that we built our Always Shady Umbrella to keep you in the shade so much because of a need for Bill - and other disabled vets like Bill. (Which we’ll be talking about more in the coming months). Our Multi-Use Umbrella is an important piece for keeping Bill shaded because if he goes out on a hot day he can be burned to a crisp in about 10 minutes! And nowadays when we go kayak fishing for 8 hours at a time we want to avoid that - which is why we created the Always Shady Umbrella System.

Mounted for Mobility

So, because of our patent-protected ball joint and the durable 50+ SPF proof fabric, our umbrellas are easily mounted mobility scooters. We plan to one day work with the VA to help disabled vets stay cool in the shade all day long.

Read more about our company here.

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