7 Tips To Prepare Your Boat For Summer

March 03, 2017

7 Tips To Prepare Your Boat For Summer

Summer is an excellent time of the year for many of us. There are a whole lot of things to do on this season as the climate heats up and as the daytimes become longer. The most popular entertainment during summer, particularly for those living near water is to devote time towards boating.

This week on the blog we've put together 7 of the best tips for preparing your boat for this summer's fishing outings

1. Tune up your boat: If it’s a long time since you used your boat due to the winter season, you should perhaps get an overhauling of your boat to ensure that everything goes well as per your plan. Make sure your boat is in tip-top shape for the fishing season.

2. Check the battery: If your boat is battery operated, ensure whether the battery has a full charge. If it has been kept idle over the winter you'll want to check whether it actually charges up. Otherwise, time has come to change the battery. If it charges up, nothing to worry, just charge it up to you're ready to go fishing!

3. De-winterize your boat: If you have winterized the boat to ensure its safety during the winter season, you should de-winterize it to prepare for a wonderful boating experience this summer. Run through a de-winterizing checklist to make sure the engine and all the mechanical components are ready for a long day of fishing.

Boating Safety Items

4. Stock safety items on the boat: You might have kept the life jackets and other safety items out of your boat during winter. Now create a checklist of the safety items and restock them on the boat to ensure safe summer boating. Check the fire extinguisher, first aid box, and all other essential safety supplies. Even though you might not be using these items, it is better to keep them prepared just to help in the event of any unforeseen things.

5. Get your umbrella: As you are getting ready for boating, you should have a boating umbrella to protect yourself from the harmful UV rays. Always Shady is the best boat umbrella that can protect you from the Sun’s rays with its SPF rating at 50. Also, this flexible umbrella will provide you the right shade all through the day. With this umbrella in place, Always Shady can ensure that you can enjoy your boating all through the summer days without having to drop your anchor for some time to shade. As the umbrella can be mounted under the seat, you can enjoy hassle-free boating.

Always Shady Boat Umbrella Mountable to your boat seat

6. Start with the trailer: Before starting for your summer boating, make sure to check the trailer lights, wheel bearings and also the tire pressure.

7. Ensure a healthy summer: When you are exposed to the sun in hot summer days, you can get sunspots, leather skin, sunburns, elastin, and collagen damage. So, ensure the best protection with Always Shady Umbrella and you can choose any one of the two models of umbrellas.

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