4 Reasons to Use An Umbrella While Fishing

December 16, 2016

4 Reasons to Use An Umbrella While Fishing

Many people these days love fishing and even many of us have this as our hobby.

Besides enjoying our hobby, it is highly important that we should consider our health as well. Yes, when you are on the ride on a canoe, kayak or a boat, you might be taking all sorts of protection to your life like carrying life jackets and much other safety stuff. But, have you considered protecting the largest organ of your body from the harmful UV rays? Yes, I am talking about the skin.

You might be saying that I apply sunscreen lotion before starting my voyage in hot summer days to enjoy my vacation. Yes, it is true that sunscreen can provide you protection, but until what time? When you will be spending the whole day enjoying your hobby under the sun, will the sunscreen remain intact to safeguard your skin? Remember that not just your skin, you have the responsibility to take care of your hair and scalp too, isn’t? What can be the best solution? The best solution is the Always Shady Boat Umbrella.


Here are the four reasons why you should be using this umbrella while fishing

1. Always Shady Boat umbrella is adjustable and flexible:
 When you go for Always Shady Boat Umbrella (500-S-UV-SB), it is a flexible model that can be easily adjusted to give you complete shade all through the day unlike sunscreens, which last only for a few hours. You can easily loosen the adjustable arm lever as per your requirement. Also, it can be easily tightened when need arises. You can enjoy your fishing all through the day without having to search a place with shades to drop your anchor for a few hours.

2. Excellent SPF Rating:
 Not just the 500-S-UV-SB, but also another model named Always Shady Multi-Use Umbrella (Model 100-S-UV) comes with SPF Rating of 50+. When you use both these umbrellas and hold them straight under the Sun, you cannot see the rays of the sun getting inside. The reason is that both these umbrellas are made out of special high-tech UV-reflective fabrics and black liners. These features will provide complete protection from the Sun. The dual fabric system will also ensure better protection from the Sun.

3. The seat can be mounted:
 As you know, most boats come with Swivel seats. So, the Always Shady Boat Umbrella (500-S-UV-SB) comes with additional aluminum seat bracket that can easily fit into any swivel boat seat. This means that without any interruption to your shade or the umbrella, you can enjoy swivel motion of the seat to enjoy fishing.

4. Complete protection:
 Another important reason to opt for Always Shady Multi-Use Umbrella (Model 100-S-UV) and the other model is that you can get complete protection to your entire body. As against sunglasses that can protect only your eyes from the Sun, these umbrellas will contribute towards your overall health.

Always Shady Multi Use Umbrellas

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