#1 Patio Umbrella For Staying In The Shade

January 09, 2018

#1 Patio Umbrella For Staying In The Shade

Imagine this, you're outside on your porch and the sun is beating down. You want to stay outside in your patio chair, enjoying the rays - maybe you're watching your kids play in the yard and it's bringing a smile to your face, or maybe there is a field of butterflies in your backyard. Either way - no one wants to miss the wonderful weather and the fresh air outside, but this sun is making it near impossible! All you can think about is the harmful rays beaming down on you forcing you to sweat profusely in your chair. And when you're outside and hot you cannot enjoy the children playing outside or the beautiful butterflies fluttering. 

Always Shady Umbrella Patio Kit Is The Solution!

The Always Shady Umbrella Kit is designed for attaching to any flat surface - and that means your patio chair! It attaches to the arm of your chair and then you can sit and enjoy the fresh breezes of the outdoor air without the blistering heat of the sun.

Always Shady Umbrella Systems - Mountable Umbrella Kit for flat areas

When you mount it to your chair it does all the work for you. With the 68-inch diameter durable fabric shade you'll be sure to be covered all day long. And if the sun moves, the umbrella is easily adjustable. So now, you can sit and enjoy the children playing in the grass or the butterflies floating in the wind and not worry about heating up in the sweltering heat! Grab the umbrella here

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